We offer a number of different approaches to achieve your development goals:

Well-rounded In-home ABA therapyWell Rounded In-Home ABA therapy
This combines traditional Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy with Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and Natural Environment Training (NET). Occupational therapy skills, speech therapy skills and Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) therapy techniques are also incorporated. Essential play skills are targeted following the Teach2Play play ladder. (For more information, please visit Teach2Play.)
This is all done in a structured session modeling a classroom schedule, building in art, breaks, play time, and table time, all while engaging all of the above therapies! Often, the child is having so much fun, they forget they are working!
Working with students at schoolSchool Shadowing
This combines the aspects of the above in-home ABA therapy in a school site. By having a school shadow, the child is provided with extra support throughout the school day, ensuring socialization with peers, completion of academic lessons, and help controlling behaviors.
Social GroupsSocial Groups
This mirrors the one-on-one in-home ABA therapy but with a social element. With no more than a 2:1 child to adult ratio, instructors facilitate conversational exchanges, eye contact, sharing, and other peer interactions throughout the session.
Play TherapyPlay Therapy
This focuses on developing the child’s play levels appropriately based on psychological steps. We use modeling to facilitate play step acquisition, incorporating the Teach2Play video series. For more information, please visit Teach2Play.
Potty Training
An extensive potty training day session called a “Potty Party” provided with parent training. This includes complete steps and guidelines to continue your training after your session with the instructor has ended.
Handwriting Without Tears
Provides your child with a complete handwriting curriculum.  For more information please visit
Homework help and tutoring of grades pre-K to 4th
Kindergarten/First Grade Readiness
This targets all of the beginning school essentials: tripod grip, alphabet, numbers, phonemic awareness, sight words, and much, much more!
Community Outing SupportCommunity Outing Support
Provides family support and steps to prepare you and your child for outings that may prove to be challenging. Some outing support includes grocery stores, banks, shopping trips, dentist visits, doctor visits, haircuts, parks, music classes, gym classes and amusement parks.
IEP planningIEP Support
Helps evaluate your child’s current school circumstances and create an action plan for the IEP (Individualized Education Program) meeting. Attend IEP meetings and advocate for you and your child’s needs. Provides IEP meeting follow-up to ensure your child’s success.
Swim LessonsSwim lessons
Basic one-on-one at-home swim lessons. Perfect for the young swimmer that needs undivided attention. Must provide pool.
Private LifeguardPrivate Lifeguard
Provides private lifeguard services for pool parties and other private events. Sit back and relax while your kids and their friends play safely in the pool.