“Heather was a joy to have at Teach2Talk and an excellent teacher. She incorporated occupational therapy into her daily lesson plans. Her discrete trial training and her pivotal response training with the students was excellent and her Applied Behavioral Analysis methods improved both the social skills and the language skills of her students.”
–Jenny McCarthy, autism activist

“We loved the way our child responds to you! It is always nice to have a person participate that really knows our child, as well as someone who is honest about his needs.”
–Belinda, parent

“In the time that our son has been working with Heather he has made huge strides in many areas that he was struggling in. She has tailored his therapy to meet his specific needs, while making it fun and enjoyable for him. She is loving and we have no doubt that she cares for our son and his future. Heather is great at keeping us informed and working with us to help our son be successful. We are extremely happy to have Heather working so hard for our family and appreciate her so much!”
–Kati, parent

“When Heather worked as a one-on-one behavioral therapist in the classroom, the child showed significant gains both academically and socially. Academically, Heather encouraged and assisted the child in completing all classroom tasks with some modifications in language arts and mathematics. Socially, Heather helped the child foster friendships through conversations and play initiation with his peers. I noticed improvements, and teachers from other classrooms often commented on how the child’s social skills were improving during our outside play time. Additionally, Heather was always available to meet with the parent and myself for the school’s parent-teacher conferences, and she provided insight and suggestions for goal-setting and appropriate expectations for the child. I could see that the child adored Heather, and you could also see that Heather thoroughly enjoyed working with this child. With her background in teaching, her training in behavioral therapy, and her kind demeanor, a child who works with Heather would be in good hands.”
–Tammy, classroom teacher

“Heather is such a fine therapist and someone I trust helping out with our child.”
–April, parent

“Heather is an inspiration to others who also work with children with developmental delays. In my time working with her as a colleague, she has taught me much about how to connect with a child, and how to use creativity and inspiration to make the challenges she brings to her clients as fun as possible. She tailors her approach specifically to each child, and her enthusiasm and energy are a delight to behold. I recommend her wholeheartedly, and without reservation, to any referrals I receive I cannot accommodate.”
–Victor, colleague

“From the moment my son met Heather he took to her. She showed up with a very exciting big box of therapeutic toys and began to teach him new skills in his first session. She has developed a program tailored to his needs that targets his delays and helps him with learning age appropriate play, imitation skills, fine motor skills, identifying feelings, taking turns and following directions. She uses art, music and play to make it fun and always leaves him smiling. I am a children’s therapist myself and am very picky about the people that work with him. I feel that the skill level and personality of the person working with children with delays is extremely important. Heather’s education and experience paired with her dedication and upbeat personality help her excel at what she does. I recommend her services with confidence.”
–Stacy, parent